Let's Order Those Poults

Buying your started poults from us
just got easier!

You have a choice.  For your convenience, you can pay in full or you can put down a deposit.
We will not pull our poults from the nursery without one of these two.

Poultry Order/Payment

The deposit is per bird.  If you are ordering both toms and hens, no problem.
If you wish to pay in full, make your selection from the drop-down menu.  Once you order either toms or hens, view your cart, then simply select 'Continue Shopping'.  This will bring you back to this page, where you can continue your selection.  We accept debt/credit card & paypal online.

Would you like some help or more info?  Give Carol a call at 320.220.3235
Don't have a debt/credit card or paypal?  No problem.  We accept cash or check too.


Contact Information

Contact Phone Farm Position
Carol Radtke 320.220.3235 Poultry Manager/Owner
Richard Radtke 320.220.2235 Farm Manager/Owner
Madison Radtke N/A Poultry Lover/Daughter

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