Presently, we are taking orders for eggs & chicks/poults!  We are a small farm and quantities are limited. We do not ship - they must be picked up here at the farm.
Our birds should be in full laying mode in March.  We do not sell year round.

Holiday Turkey, Turkey Poults and Soy Free Eggs

 Started, Broad-Breasted White, Turkey Poults
 Why buy day-old, straight-run poults for $5.95
when you can get started, sexed poults from us for less?
Our poults are usually 4-7 days old.  They are eating and drinking.

We are selling started poults right now. $5/tom, $4.75/hen.
These are the same types of birds we raise on pasture.

To put down a deposit or pay in full, CLICK HERE
Call Now! - 320-220-3235

100% gender accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  We do our best.

 Soy-free Chicken Eggs
 We do not feed soy to our poultry.
As of late, there has been many reports about the effects of soy-base products effecting the human body in negative ways (producing estrogen or adding to allergic symptoms).
Look to us for perfect alternative to factory egg production..

Our soy-free breakfast eggs are a bargain at only $2.50/doz.

If you are interested in a custom raised Turkeys for the holidays,
please contact us ASAP.  320-220-3235 (Carol will take your orders).
Inventory will be limited and orders will be filled in the order that the deposits are received.
Kentucky Bourbon turkeys dressed out at 10-12lbs - Broad-breasted Whites - 17lbs.

Ask us about our chickens and duck.

$20 deposit on pre-ordered turkeys       

The Bourbon Red finished 2nd to the Midget White turkey in a 2008 Upperville, Va., blind taste test. These top two favorites each received nearly twice as many votes as any of the 7 other turkey varieties.  The turkeys were scored based on flavor, texture, tenderness, aroma and whole bird appearance.

We charge $2/lbs - live weight, which works out to be approx. $3 - processed.  We sell the birds live, but will process them for you at no cost.  We do not ship - they must be picked up here at the farm.  We will let you know a week before the day we butcher, then the day of.  Fresh turkeys must be picked up day of processing.  Call Carol for details: 320-220-3235.

Hatching Eggs

We charge very little for our hatching eggs.  And for that reason, we do not guarantee hatching rates.  If you've hatched eggs before, here is your chance to add a little flair to your flock with some fun, unique breeds.  Our present & past customers have reported at least 96% viability (over all) - some are reporting 100% viability with the turkey eggs.

We do sell eggs for eating as well - mostly chicken eggs.  $1.50/dozen if you bring your own egg carton.  These are not viable and can not be used for hatching eggs.

Turkey Eggs - Kentucky Bourbon

    - $2.00/egg or $20.00/doz

We pride ourselves on our Heritage turkeys.  And have never had a problem selling them live or processed at Holiday Time.  These turkeys grow quickly and are quite friendly.  Once they reach sexual maturity, they love to display their beautiful golden brown and white feathers.

Chicken Eggs - White, brown or green/blue egg layers

    - 40¢/egg or $4.00/doz

We have a little of everything.  We suggest you choose the chicken that lays the color of egg you wish the eat or sell.  Some customers who love surprises, buy an assortment.

Ducks Eggs

    - 50¢/egg or $5.00/doz

If you love to bake, you can't go wrong raising ducks.  Duck eggs add richness to every food they are mixed into.  Why not raise your own.  Another plus is during the holidays.  If you haven't had duck, you haven't experienced that "little extra" something fancy that can only be found with this kind of meal.

Quail - Pharaoh (a.k.a. Japanese)

    - 30¢/egg or $3.00/doz

These quail do very well in cages as pets.  They have been raised that was for centuries.  These quail are known for their early maturation - laying eggs at 8 weeks of age.  Raise them for eggs, meat or dog training.  Most folks have them because they sing beautifully.

Chicks, Ducklings & Poults

The quickest way to breath life into your small/hobby farm is to start with poultry.  We do sell young chicks, but on a very limited basis.  Everything is a straight run, meaning we do not sex the chicks, ducklings or poults.  We implement a first-come-first-serve policy.  And whatever we don't sell, we keep. 

Live & Processed Birds

For the Perfect Fried Chicken Recipe click here.

We do sell live adult birds, but usually only in the fall.  If you are interested in a bird on our farm, please ask if it is for sale or simply make us an offer.  We can always make more... lol

Most of the adult birds we sell are for processing.  Holiday Turkeys are our specialty (you can buy them live or processed - fresh or frozen), but processed broiler chickens is what we are know for and we do a lot of them.  We raise two flocks of broilers each year.  If you are interested in some of our delicious chicken, we urge you to order them ASAP, so we can get you what you want... when you want it.

Call for pricing.

Contact Information

Contact Phone Farm Position
Carol Radtke 320.220.3235 Poultry Manager/Owner
Richard Radtke 320.220.2235 Farm Manager/Owner
Madison Radtke N/A Poultry Lover/4H'er

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