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We will not be selling poultry this year

We have started an organic dairy and will be dedicating most of our time and energy to that.

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The quickest way to breath life into any small/hobby farm is to start with poultry.  Most folks start with chickens or ducks, but it is no more difficult to raise a few specialty birds along with your basic poultry & waterfowl.  Why not try turkeys & quail?  These birds will add variety and interest to an otherwise barren starter/hobby farm.Prairie's Edge Farm's naturally raise turkey on the cover of FRESH START MAGAZINE  November 2008

We raise turkeys, ducks, several varieties of chickens and quail.  From these birds, we sell eggs, chicks and processed birds (our specialty is Holiday Turkeys and Broiler chicken/fryers).  We feel our chicken is superior to those you find in the store in both taste and texture.  If you try one of our birds, you may never be completely satisfied with store-bought again.

At any given time (from early spring to fall) we have processed birds, eggs or chicks for sale.

If you've never raised your own food before, you will truly be surprised that most farm birds are easy to raise.  And when you raise your own food, you will know what is in it... you might even say it tastes better than anything you've ever tasted before.  Go ahead - spoil yourself and your family.

Our Farm

farm fresh eggs in basketOur farm philosophy is to raise our animals as naturally as possible.  For us, that means to pasture and/or free-range feed our flocks.  We will deviate from "all-natural" in only a few cases.  With incubator hatched poultry, for example, we feed non-medicated crumbles or chick starter.  Crumbles and starter is not natural, but we find that this feed provides nearly all the necessary nutrients these little birds need to get-off to a fast, healthy start.  If our hens hatch the eggs, we do not intervene.  In that situation, we feel the hen can do a far better job at feeding & raising her chicks than we can.  Since we have folks visiting us often, it's always fun to see a little hen and her chicks as she's teaching them to scratch for seeds or chase bugs.  Another deviation from farm policy is when we separate our breeding trios from the flock for breeding purposes.  When we do this, we put them in pens.

We prefer to raise the heritage breeds of poultry & waterfowl.  The turkeys we raise are Kentucky Bourbons.  These turkeys are an All-American turkey and as the name suggests, they originated from the Kentucky region of the US.  They are beautiful, friendly birds that are ranked #2 in an independent National taste contest.

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Contact Phone Farm Position
Carol Radtke 320.220.3235 Poultry Manager/Owner
Richard Radtke 320.220.2235 Farm Manager/Owner
Madison Radtke N/A Poultry Lover/Daughter

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